Crisis in the news: blog 2


Howard University students are, for a lack of better terms, incredibly pissed off after learning that six university employees embezzled money from financial aid. At the end of March, the public learned that over the past nine years, these employees have been “double dipping” into the financial aid funds to cover their own tuition and then some.  These employees were receiving tuition benefits from the university to cover their classes, but were also giving themselves university grants. This is problematic for several reasons, but there is one that is causing students outrage: that money was intended for students. Since this news broke, several students have come out to say that they had to stop attending Howard, one of the most prestigious HBCUs in the country, because they weren’t receiving enough aid.

University President, Wayne Frederick, released a statement ensuring the public and HU students that “our campus deserves better”. Clearly, it does. Howard has also not released the exact dollar amount that was embezzled by these employees, but the said employees have been fired.

Students have been camped out in the Financial Aid Office for eight days, protesting and demanding that they receive lost funds. Social media posts have been viral, as students post their protest efforts with #StudentPowerHU. Additionally, several students are calling for the resignation of Frederick.

This crisis comes at an unfortunate time for Howard because so far 2018 has been a year of scandals and a negative public image. In early March, a sophomore student reached out the Frederick in regards to not being able to secure a housing spot, with a second chance being after the deadline. After a very professional and concerned email, the university president responded by telling her that her “tone and tenor are inappropriate”. The screenshots of the email thread took Twitter by storm, with many users publicly criticizing the lack of care for students displayed by Howard. “Social media crises focus more on reputational concerns” 22. This social media crisis brought negative attention to Howard and really caused outcry from alumni and previous students.

I would consider this situation to be a crisis, not a paracrisis. According to Coombs (2015), “As greater emphasis is placed on reputation, a greater emphasis must be placed on crisis management as a means of protecting reputational assets” (Coombs).  Howard University is one of the most sought-after HBCUs in the nation. Once a university has stopped caring about its students, and their ability to afford an education, their credibility has the potential to be lost. We always say that it takes years to develop a positive reputation, and only seconds to ruin that. I believe this is an example of that. Howard University may face an uphill battle as they recover from this crisis.



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Blog 4- Inspiration

I love sentimental things and finding reasons for others to inspire me, so this post is right up my ally.

My mom really inspires me because she raised me and my brother on her own, while owning two successful businesses. On the flip side of that, when the economy crashed in 2007 I saw my mom lose two successful businesses. So I admired her in times of success, but also in times of failure where she had to pull herself up. She worked a job she loathed because she knew she had pills to pay and mouths to feed. Recently, she went back to get her Specialist’s Degree, and even though she graduated before me, I’m still incredibly proud of her. It’s so refreshing to see her doing something she loves and to see her happy.

I am thankful to have several mentors, who all inspire me in different ways. I have served on the Panhellenic Board for two years, and also served as a SOAR Leader. Doing all of these things with student activities made me realize that I just love college students. Because of my experiences, I’m lucky to have people like Francisco Lugo, Jess Turic, Kinsley Baker, and Logan Franks on my side, giving me advice. They inspire me because they’re working in a field that I’m so pumped to enter. I can tell that they all truly love their jobs, which inspires me to push through school and practice for the GACE so that one day I can love coming to work.

During my college experience, I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to lead others. As a SOAR Leader, I really bonded with so many of my Eaglets and got to know them so that I could guide them. Some of them still reach out to me, about everything from which professor to take to what to do about an STD. I’m not sure if I have served as an inspiration to them, but I am glad to have the opportunity to be that for them. On PHA, I hope I’ve had the same impact on girls I’ve met through recruitment or meetings for them to fall in love with Greek life like I did.

Blog Post 3- Travel

I love to travel, mainly to experience new places and people. The best part of traveling is really immersing yourself into a place.

If I could travel anywhere, without money (or safety) being an issue, I would backpack Europe. If I backpacked through Europe, I could visit all of the places I want to go rather than having to break them up into smaller trips. I would start in Ireland, then travel into the United Kingdom to visit London. After leaving London I would head to Paris, then up to areas of the Netherlands, and then into Germany. I would end my trip in Rome. By doing one large trip, it allows me to really learn about these places since I will be traveling to and from. Rather than going to Cabo or a resort area and staying in the resort, backpacking all over Europe would allow me to really immerse myself into the European way of life.

There are a lot of things on this Buzzfeed list that are really awesome to have while traveling. The iPhone charger that can also be a bracelet is a really good tool to have because you’ll never forget your charger if you’re wearing it! Also, I love the socially acceptable sweatpants, which would be great for traveling on long flights. The multi-outlet surge protector is awesome because it will allow you to charge things up easily while on the go. If you’re getting a surge protector you should probably get a voltage adaptor since different areas of the world have different voltage levels (Buzzfeed, hire me). My favorite item on the list was definitely the small camera lens. If I’m going on vacation I’m definitely going to take some awesome pictures, so a lens that you can just pop on is an awesome idea.

However some of the Buzzfeed items were a little far-fetched for traveling, like the gold foil map. I like the idea of the passport wallet, but I probably wouldn’t spend $54 for something that wasn’t a necessity. The scarf with a hidden pocket to store valuable and contraband is probably not the greatest idea. I’m sure TSA will catch on to your hidden scarf pocket.

All in all, traveling is fabulous because you get to see the word. However, if I’m going somewhere, I would want to have the best supplies rather than cute things to help me remember a very memorable trip.

Dinner Party

If I was having a dinner party,  I’d have to plan around the people that would be there.

I’m a big music person and I always have been, so I’d most likely invite some of my favorite artists or people that I feel have greatly influenced the music industry.

So, here are my ten guests:

  1. Stevie Wonder: the one person I would drop absolutely everything for if I could see in concert, thanks to Stevie Wonder week on American Idol for ten seasons I am hooked
  2. Whitney Houston
  3. Britney Spears: shamelessly, I have been her biggest fan since I was three
  4. Paul McCartney because I have to have at least one Beatle
  5. Michael Jackson
  6. Miley Cyrus
  7. Madonna
  8. Elton John: would request him to bring outfit changes of course
  9. Beyonce
  10. My mother: if I hosted a celebrity concert and didn’t invite her she would kill me so, she makes the cut 🙂

Because this event is really centered around music, I’d host it in an event hall. However, I wouldn’t stock the place with microphones or equipment. I would ask for the hall to have a piano or simple string guitar, that way we can really see what these artists are capable of.

As far as the menu goes, I am honestly not sure what I would do for food. When you have a group of celebrities, I feel like it could be difficult to please them. Everyone loves appetizers and h’ors devours, so I would most likely stick to those.

I’d ask them about how they started out, but I would really want to know why they continued. It is not easy being in the spotlight of this society. I would really want to talk to them about their passions and what kept them going, especially with Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus since their time spent in media headlines is normally brutal. I would ask the older attendees how they feel about the changes to the industry, how they feel music leads to social change, and how they feel about the current state of the world.

I feel like music is such a peaceful release, but where do the people providing music find their release? I honestly have so many questions, so I need these celebrities to notice me and talk to me about their lives!

Blog Post One

Upon years of never knowing what I wanted to do, it’s cool to see how I have a “dream job” now. If I had to choose a public relations dream job it would have to be working for a national fraternity or sorority. I’m super involved in Greek Life on campus, which is why I’m planning on getting my Master’s in H. Ed and working with students forever. However, if I chose to stay in this field, I would love to work with national fraternity headquarters and help them with PR, as well as crisis communication. I feel like it’s a meaningful position with a lot of room to grow and really help the organization. I would also love to pair with these national organization’s philanthropies to get more involved with nonprofit as well.

I believe that in order to shine out others, you’d have to be the most knowledgable and provide the most expertise. I’ve held PR positions within Greek Life, so I feel like that would help me some. However, I would definitely need to show how useful my degree is and all of the things I’ve learned in college, while also using my personal experiences to help me be more successful. I also have a lot of passion for this area and for these students. Without passion and dedication it is so hard to be successful and happy, so I believe that those are more important than what you’ve learned.

Right now, I’m doing the best I can to learn everything in my classes. I mean really learn, not just try to memorize information and scoot on to the next class. I’m also working in a PR position for a local boutique, Maddie Bea. In addition, I’m the current Panhellenic President so I’m immersed in an important leadership role in the Greek community.

I am so pumped for this course!